Extract (Jason Bateman, Ben Affleck, Mila Kunis, Kristen Wiig, J.K. Simmons, Clifton Collins, Jr.) – This year has featured a number of “quirky” movies that are both endearing and enjoyable.  Extract fits that bill while bringing us a couple of  “A” list actors in Jason Bateman and Ben Affleck and a couple of the best character actors around in J.K. Simmons and Clifton Collins, Jr.  Add to that beautiful Mila Kunis, best known for That ‘70s Show, and Saturday Night Live’s Kristen Wiig and you have a wonderful ensemble cast telling an unlikely story.  Bateman plays Joel, the owner of a company that makes extracts, those flavors like vanilla and root bear used in cooking.  He runs the family-feel company during the day while living in a sexless marriage at home with his wife (Wiig).  So he often heads to the sports bar owned by his old buddy, Dean (Affleck), whose answer to every life dilemma are drugs.  Joel is straight when he finally succumbs to Dean, first taking a pill of unknown origin and then smoking pot.  Yes, this has the feel of a reefer comedy, but it is much more sophisticated than the grunge comedies that dominate the scene today.  When high, Bateman agrees to hire a nitwit of a gigolo to seduce his wife so he can cheat with Cindy (Kunis), a gorgeous woman who is temping at his company and who he can’t get off his mind.  She turns out to be a con artist, a thief, and a tease.


As the story unfolds, Joel is trying to sell the company along with his partner and factory manager, Brian (J.K. Simmons).  General Mills is interested but is skittish because of a freak accident that left would-be floor manager Step (Collins) less a man than he had been previously (ouch!) and thinking about suing. With his personal life in disarray and his factory in jeopardy, Brian is faced with a personal crisis.  Now it’s your turn to see the movie and enjoy the interplay of the ensemble.

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