The Break-Up

The Break-Up (Vince Vaughan, Jennifer Aniston, Judy Davis) – The critics were right; this movie is a mess.  First, it can’t figure out what it wants to be – comedy or drama.  It’s the latter with too much goofy stuff and not enough humor.  This movie is an example of a star getting too involved with his own movie as box office guarantee Vaughan produces and writes this one.  When it’s sweet, the film is at its best.  When it’s forced, it’s not.  Jennifer Aniston is great to look at and her acting isn’t bad.  I just kept wondering how many different outfits they could put her in to show off her cleavage while Vaughan got to wear tee shirts and bowling shirts ad nauseam.  Sure, they do this to make a point, but WE GET IT.  Why they ever got together or stayed together is beyond every viewer.  Why they break up makes a world of sense.  Why she wants to make him want her and realize how good he has it is also irrational.  In the end, the only reason to see the movie is to see the real chemistry these two have on screen when it’s all working, but that’s a good enough reason to waste your money.

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