Title: Dick

Dick (Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Williams, Dan Hedaya, Will Ferrell, Teri Garr) – I found this to be a hysterical spoof of the entire Watergate scandal with the hardest working actor in Hollywood, Dan Hedaya, as Richard Nixon.  He hires two teenagers, played by Dunst and future Academy Award nominee (for Brokeback Mountain) Michelle Williams, to walk his dog.  They, of course, overhear the conversations that prove the cover-up by Bob Haldeman (Dave Foley) and company and get to meet Henry Kissinger (Saul Rubinek) and all of the other players.  Some of the funniest scenes involve inept reporters Woodward and Bernstein, played respectively by then Saturday Night Live’s Will Ferrell and Bruce McCullough.  The girls walk the dog but, in the process, teenager Arlene (Williams) falls in love with Nixon, sending him a tape where she confesses her love.  Of course, it’s that 18 ½ tape that, when heard by Nixon, he erases – never admitting what’s on it.  It’s fun to watch these two young stars play it straight while watching veterans like Hedaya and Teri Garr (as Arlene’s lush of a mother) ham it up.  Sit back and enjoy the fun and the great “alternate version” of the Watergate scandal.

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